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What Makes Us Different
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Our aim is to meet the needs of the community by supporting older people, families, those with disabilities; including intellectual and physical, and those who need support for mental health or social inclusion purposes. The supports we offer are specifically designed to meet each person’s individual needs, and will often include many of the following aspects of care:

  • Providing general support and friendly companionship
  • Helping with housekeeping and light domestic tasks
  • Assisting with personal care which may include bathing, oral hygiene, general skin care and catheter care as required
  • Preparation of meals including serving and assistance with eating as needed
  • Offering mobility assistance – transferring and assisting with walking aids
  • Assisting with personal tasks such as toileting
  • Supporting those who are bed bound with turning and positioning, preventative skin care including back rubs and cream application as required
  • Promoting and enabling people to partake in their exercise plans
  • Accompanying or completing tasks outside of the home which includes grocery shopping and collection of medication
  • Prompting people to take their medication
  • Encouraging and supporting people to stay fully integrated in the community by taking walks and trips to local amenities for examples shops, cafes etc.