About North Dublin Home Care

North Dublin Home Care provides high-quality support and person-centred care in the North Dublin Inner City, East Wall and Clontarf area. Our mission is to provide a service that is driven by the needs of the community and in line with all the relevant requirements and regulations.

North Dublin Home Care’s vision is to continue to deliver a high-quality service that is suitable for each Service User’s specific needs and in agreement with the company’s capabilities. We endeavour to create a network that encompasses and represents champions that drive standards and encourage the implementation of HIQA, registered services and inspections.

Non For Profit

We are a non-for-profit organisation, which means that we are here to benefit the people we serve. We have been active in the community since the 1970’s and our team now includes over 200 professionally trained care staff that are passionate about the work they do.

In 2014, the non-for-profit home care providers came together and formed what is now recognised as the National Community Care Network (NCCN). The NCCN was established to provide a unified voice on the issues affecting the commissioning and delivery of quality homecare and community support.

The support services provided by our members are broad and diverse, with a key advantage being that they can deliver quality services in specialized areas which are not catered for by other providers. This involved competing for the HSE’s National Tender for Home Care (two year contracts), which we were successfully awarded in 2016 and 2018.

National Tendering

In 2016, we joined forces with five other community-based home care organisations to form Dublin Home Care Partners – a consortium which has allowed us to continue developing our close relationship with the HSE as a preferred home care provider.

As a member of Dublin Home Care Partners, North Dublin Home Care is a preferred homecare provider for the HSE. Since 2016, home care providers are required to tender through the HSE’s procurement department for all new HCP’s.

All home care providers who were not successful in application can now no longer be in receipt of new HSE Home Care Package referrals. Nursing homes are subject to the statutory regulatory framework provided through the Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA), home care is not.

Dublin Home Care Partners

Therefore, outside homecare provided through national tendering, there are no set boundaries for the provision of homecare. The rationale behind this is that there is no legal framework that allows for organisations like HIQA to regulate homecare. Regulation will require a change in legislation or the amendment of a respective piece of legislation e.g. the Health Act 2004.