Our People – North Dublin Home Care

North Dublin Home Care is a non-for-profit organisation established in in the 1970’s, with a team of over 200 dedicated Home Care Workers, supervisors, office based schedulers and support team members, a small management team and a voluntary Board of Directors.

Find out more about our Board, CEO and team below.

Michael Dowling - North Dublin Home Care

Michael Dowling

Chairperson / Director

Michael has worked in the Financial Services industry since 1982 and has extensive expertise within all areas of the financial sector.

As a Qualified Financial Advisor and Personal Insolvency Practitioner, Michael has a proven and successful track record in business development and achieving targets in both personal and commercial financial planning.

Therefore, bringing essential knowledge and experience to North Dublin Home Care.

Brian Coghlan - North Dublin Home Care

Brian Coghlan

Secretary / Director

Brian is an experienced independent Financial Services Professional with over 30 years experience in the financial and pensions management sector.

As a qualified Financial Advisor and a B.A in Law, Brian is always at hand to offer advice and support in his role of Secretary and Director.

Brian managed the pension contracts for North Dublin Home Care for several years which gave him inside knowledge and experience of daily operations.

Louis Moore


Louis Moore is an experienced and dynamic senior level manager in the Logistics & Supply Chain Industry. He has a proven track record for delivering increased efficiency, profitability and driving down operating costs.

Louis specialises in management, contract negotiations and organisational change. As a voluntary Director of North Dublin Home Care Louis brings extensive experience, mentoring and knowledge in the changing demands of business.

Deirdre Giblin


Deirdre Giblin is currently employed as the Director of Development & External Engagement at the National College of Ireland and is in the process of obtaining a Doctorate of Business Administration in Waterford Institute of Technology.

With an all-encompassing background in management consultancy, human resources and the development and maintenance of external relationship building, Deirdre is no doubt an asset to North Dublin Home Care and its everyday business activities.

Debbie Rooney - North Dublin Home Care

Debbie Rooney


Debbie has been working in North Dublin Home Care since 2011 and involved in the area of direct provision of care and support since 1998. With a wealth of experience and academic learning ranging from QQI Level 6 to QQI Level 9 Debbie makes a suitable candidate for CEO. She is driven by best practice principles and the provision of quality care to our Service Users.

Debbie has always been a privileged to work with extraordinary people, their families, communities, health care and medical professionals, in Ireland and overseas.

Debbie O'Shea - North Dublin Home Care

Debbie O’Shea

Quality Lead/ Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Officer 

Debbie was first employed by North Dublin Home Care as a Supervisory Assistant in 2014. From a front-line perspective Debbie has a wealth of experience in the provision of care and support, making Debbie a suitable candidate for the role of Quality Lead/ Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Officer.

Debbie has the skillsets required to establish the relationship between community care and the importance of safety, health and welfare at work. Her academic background, particularly regarding her level 7 QQI qualifications and her Manual and Patient Moving and Handling Instructors qualification, ensures best practice and that all voice’s, both Service User and Home Care Worker are heard and documented. This can be particularly seen throughout the companies person-centred care planning.

​Debbie enjoys the unique experiences that come with working with people on an every day basis; and that every day brings new learning.

Miriame Belusi

Human Resource Officer

With a bachelor’s degree in psychology, and her current enrolment in Human Resource Management at NCI, Miriame makes a suitable candidate for the role of Human Resource Officer at North Dublin Home Care. Having worked as a Home Support Worker in the past, along with many other community-based roles, Miriame’s wealth of experience is extremely beneficial in our recruitment and retainment processes, ensuring that NDHC remains ‘an employer of choice’. Having such expertise ensures the delivery of quality care and support by the right person. Her enthusiasm and drive for supporting people makes her an advocate for the role.

As Human Resource Officer Miriame suggests that she enjoys learning new skills, experiencing new challenges, meeting and guiding all new employees; whilst ensuring that all feel comfortable and confident in their assigned roles.

MJ Feehan 

Human Resource Officer

With a Master of Business (MBS) in Human Resource Management, MJ brings a wealth of experience from several multinational companies with huge workforces. Upon joining NDHC, MJ quickly established himself in the HR team demonstrating a keen drive on recruitment and Learning & Development. Really enjoying the diversity and training opportunities within the company.

As a proud Kilkenny man, he can often be found with a hurl and sliotar and plays for St. Finian’s GAA club Swords.

Louise Gjerde -NDHC

Louise Gjerde

Accounts / Payroll

Louise joined North Dublin Home Care in October 2019. As a qualified Accounting Technician and experience in working in the public and charities sector, Louise makes a excellent candidate for the role of Accounts/Payroll personnel. She also spend some time working as a Home Care Worker which gives Louise a greater understanding of the care industry.

Louise enjoys the diversities within her role and the friendly atmosphere within the company.

Michelle Hewitt

Assistant to the CEO

​Michelle joined the company in 2000 as an administrator. With enhanced skills in payroll, accounts, supervision and HR Michelle was promoted to assistant to the CEO in 2013. With extensive training and knowledge in payroll/accounts, IT skills, office procedures and managing people, Michelle has been known to engage in most roles in the company.

Michelle loves working with the office team and the Home Care Workers, that every day is different, bringing with them different challenges; and that the office is always busy which suits her fine.

Sinead Collins

Customer Service & Service Demands Executive/Marketing and Branding Executive

Sinead started working at North Dublin Home Care as a Receptionist/Systems Administrator in 2020. With an eye for detail and an overwhelming feeling of doing the right thing, Sinead was promoted to Customer Service & Service Demands Executive in 2021. In 2022 Sinead extended her role responsibilities to incorporate Branding and Marketing, with a primary responsibility for upholding a consistent professional image at North Dublin Home Care. Sinead takes every step necessary to ensure that every visitor, Service User, employee etc. is treated in line with company values and beliefs.

Sinead loves how diverse and busy her role is and enjoys working alongside the team here at North Dublin Home Care.

Shauna Carroll - North Dublin Home Care

Shauna Carrol

Administration, Technical Support & Project Management 

​Shauna has been working at North Dublin Home Care since 2018. As an administrator Shauna manages all service administrative activities, ensuring the distribution of high quality documentation and smooth operational IT systems. Her ability to show persistence when problem solving and multi task while working under pressure has been recognised as an integral part of service delivery, making Shauna a suitable candidate for the role of administrator.

Shauna loves how versatile her role is, that each day consists of different tasks to be completed; which means she is never in the one spot for too long.

Lauren Swan


Lauren Swan joined North Dublin Home Care in an ad-hoc capacity in 2017. Her research interests concern the impact of low socioeconomic status on health outcomes and access to health services in later life. She has a degree in Analytical Science, a Master Degree in Global Health; and is currently enrolled as a PhD student in Trinity College.

Her PhD focuses on the implementation of health interventions which have the potential to improve the health profile of community-dwelling older adults in Ireland. As a trainee researcher Lauren will be applying her research to ensure better outcomes for those in receipt of homecare.

Lauren loves the variety of working alongside HSE and North Dublin Home Care staff and being in a position to apply academic research that enhances service delivery standards.

Nikita Larkin

Consortium Referral Coordinator / Admin

​Nikita is employed by North Dublin Home Care as a Consortium Referral Coordinator & Administrator for the Dublin Home Care Partners consortium. With previous experience in working in two other care organisations Nikita began working in this role in 2016.

Nikita, on behalf of the consortium, is the single point of contact between the HSE and the six consortium member companies. She manages all referrals from the HSE to the consortium, distributing them according to the members assigned trading areas.

Nikita loves working with all the team at North Dublin Home Care.

Lisa Murphy

Service Manager / Quality Assurance

Lisa recently joined the team at North Dublin Home Care. With an extensive background in the provision of care Lisa was appointed Service Manager/ Quality Assurance. Her experience ranges from the direct provision of care and support, to managing both residential and community based care services.

Lisa enjoys learning everyday and never knowing where that learning is going to come from.

Valeria Tomescu

Scheduler / Care Coordinator

​Valeria joined the North Dublin Home Care team as a Systems Administrator in 2016. With a lifetime of experience working directly with people, extensive computer experience and qualifications in law and mediation, Valeria makes a suitable candidate for the role of Systems Administrator. Valeria prides herself on professionalism, believing that everyone should be treated with dignity and respect regardless of the reason for engagement.

​Valeria loves linking in with people both colleagues and Service Users, that she values the importance of her role; and that there should never be a reason for a Service User going without a call. Valeria believes that there is no challenge or situation that cannot be fixed by our big family at North Dublin Home Care.

Lauren Doyle 

Scheduler / Care Coordinator

Lauren joined us in September 2022 working part-time as a Scheduler/Care Coordinator alongside Val in evenings/weekends. Lauren has experience working as a Home Support Worker, this will give her an understanding of our service users and the community here at North Dublin Home Care.

Andressa Simoes 

Scheduler / Care Coordinator

Andressa has a degree and MBA in business studies and a working background in the finance in the real estate market. However, she is no stranger to community care. She began her journey as a Home Support Worker in 2019 and combined her business and care background when she joined NDHC as a Scheduler in 2022. With a business mind and a caring nature Andressa makes a suitable candidate to the role as Scheduler, combining the meeting of business and care needs in this role, but never underestimating the challenges of always ensuring the importance of a correct match between Home Support Worker and Service User.

Andressa prides herself as a hard worker, who loves new challenges, and enjoys any opportunity to learn from others.

Caroline McCann

Service User Care Manager

Caroline joined North Dublin Home Care as a Home Care Worker in September 2017. Her dedication to care was soon recognized and she became a home care worker mentor in November 2019. She has recently been appointed community supervisor in July 2020. Her many years of service with North Dublin Home Care, passion for her role and work ethic have allowed her to fit perfectly into this role.

Lurissa Heeney

Lead Supervisor 

Lurissa joined the company in 2018, she began working as a Home Support Worker and then became a Community Supervisor. Lurissa has a hands-on approach, she is a quick thinker and works in the fast paced environment her new role has to offer, as Lead Supervisor.  Lurissa is office based, as the support for the supervisor out in the community. Lurissa enjoys how different each day is here at North Dublin Home Care and getting to communicate with clients and supervisory team.

 Lara Beveridge

Community Supervisor

​Lara originally joined NDHC as a Home Support Worker in 2018. Soon afterwards Lara was promoted to Acting Supervisory Care Assistant and subsequently to Community Supervisor in 2021. Her commitment to the organisation and experience in the provision of care and support in the community makes Lara an ideal candidate for the role of Community Supervisor.

Lara welcomes the opportunity of more responsibility and is always available to lend a helping hand to anyone who needs it, whether that be in the office or community. As a big team player Lara fits in well with her NDHC work family.

Oonagh Brennan 

Community Supervisor

​Oonagh joined North Dublin Home Care as a Home Support Worker in 2005. In 2021, with so much industry knowledge, Oonagh decided that it was time to cascade this knowledge to others, so joined the community management team as a Community Supervisor.

Oonagh loves meeting new people and states that due to the length of time spent in the company some Service User’s and Home Support Workers often feel like family.

Alison Stevens 

Community Supervisor

​Alison currently holds the position of a Community Supervisor here at North Dublin Home Care. Her journey in the care sector began in 2006 where she originally worked as a Health Support Worker.

Alison is passionate about helping people live independently in their own home and loves meeting new people and making sure they are supported in the community.

Barbara Melia

Community Supervisor

​With a wealth of personal care experience Barbara began her profession in a paid caring capacity in 2015. In 2020, Barbara joined the NDHC family as a Home Support Worker and was soon afterwards promoted to Supervisory Care Assistant. This promotion was followed by an additional promotion in 2022 to that of a Community Supervisor. Barbara has obtained multiple skillsets and experiences along the way and uses these to ensure the delivery of high-quality care, building her professional repour with both Service Users and colleagues as she goes.

Barbara enjoys meeting new people and lending a supportive hand wherever needed.

Karen Radford 

Supervisory Care Assistant

Karen worked for North Dublin Home Care previously and returned in October 2021. Karen enjoys getting to know all the service users and home support workers within the community. Karen is a friendly face supporting the supervisors, she is hard-working and enjoys her new role as Supervisory Care Assistant.

Dominique Lavin 

Supervisory Care Assistant

Dominique has been working with North Dublin Home Care  since 2017. A well-known face in the community, working as a Home Support Worker in the Clontarf area. She is a great addition to the community team, with experience as a Mentor and many years of service with North Dublin.

Home Care Workers / Mentors

Carmen Petrariu Mentoring Home Support Workers since 2017

Anita O'Driscoll - NDHC

Anita O’Driscoll Mentoring Home Support Workers since 2017

Mark Donnelly - NDHC

Bolorchimeg Gundjalam Mentoring Home Support Workers since 2017

Mark Donnelly - NDHC

Margaret Gannon Mentoring Home Support Workers since 2019

Mark Donnelly - NDHC

Peter Roche Mentoring Home Support Workers since 2020