Individualised Care

Individualised Care - North Dublin Home Care

Our services are centred on the specific needs of each person, supporting them as they wish to stay living securely in their own home. This can often be a short-term home care package for example, when a Service User returns home from hospital, or on a continuous basis.

No matter what level of support you require we will always be there with genuine smiles. We pride ourselves on our friendly and professionally trained team who will work with each individual Service User, their family and the local Public Health Nurse in order to create a care plan that is specifically designed to meet their needs.

Home Help & Home Care Packages

  • Turning and positioning bed-bound Service Users, utilizing preventative skin care techniques
  • Completing tasks outside of the home or supporting people to do so themselves
  • Prompting people to take their medication
  • Supporting people to remain fully integrated in the community
  • Supporting those who need specialized care such as (but not limited to) catheter care, stoma care and palliative care. Offering friendly companionship
  • Helping with household tasks and light domestic duties
  • Assisting with personal care
  • Preparing and serving of meals including assistance with eating when required.

Family Support / Child Care

This part of the service is referred to us by the HSE when funding is available and is typically offered to families who are experiencing difficulties at home.

The families we help often include young parents who may need some additional support, families affected by a psychiatric illness, chronic ill-health or families who need support due to a dependent or spouse with a disability.

The type of help offered by our Carers often ranges from assisting with domestic duties to offering on hands on support with children such as offering guidance when completing homework.

Our Services - North Dublin Home Care
Our Services - North Dublin Home Care

Dementia Care

When there is little, or no short-term memory and the facts are misplaced in a person’s mind, feelings are often the best place to focus when engaging in the provision of person-centred care. Unlike most home care providers North Dublin Home Care has a specialist dementia training team dedicated to ensuring that Home Care Workers have the required knowledge and skill-sets to deliver person-centred care.

“Understanding Dementia for Homecare Workers”, is a three day training course, produced in partnership between Ireland’s National Dementia Office and DCU. North Dublin Home Care’s qualified dementia facilitators deliver this training to all Home Care Workers to ensure the adequate delivery of person-centred dementia care.

Private Care

Like that of all our other service provided, private care is delivered by highly qualified staff, supported by our highly motivated and functional Community Management Team.

In the absence of HSE funded care, private care enables people to continue living at home as they wish to do so. All our services are extended to private Service Users at no extra cost outside of our very competitive rates.

Our Services - North Dublin Home Care

Can I claim tax relief?

Income Tax Relief may be available to those at their top rate of tax (Service User or relative), subject to the Revenue Commissioners conditions and approval. This means that you could receive tax relief of up to 41% of the cost of our service.

Tax relief can be claimed as part of your tax credits allowing the claimant immediate receipt as part of their weekly or monthly wages.

When more than one person is paying the costs of homecare, the Tax Relief may be divided between the contributors, once the total does not exceed €50,000 if any Tax Year.

Who else can claim? – You, your spouse or a relative.  A relativeincludes relation by marriage and also a person for whom the claimant is, or was, the legal guardian.

Do I pay VAT on the service? – No. The services offered by North Dublin Home Care are VAT exempt.

How do I make a claim? – You need to complete the form HK1claim for an allowance for employing a Carer/Personal Assistant”.  This form is attached to the IT47employed person taking care of an incapacitated individual, which is included in the information guide.  This form should then be submitted to your local inspector of taxes.

The form for “employed persons taking care of an incapacitated individualcan be downloaded here.